Score the Goal!
We are Energy 2017 takes off with great international challenges to participate in.
Be an active agent of change, let your voice be heard, leave your mark.

We are Energy is the project designed for “Enel’s children,” now in its thirteenth year. This year, the project is about top international challenges: the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development set by the United Nations to be achieved by 2030 with everybody’s help.

Access to energy, quality education, climate action, environmental protection: these are only some of the great objectives for the Earth that you can work on.
The competition involves the young community on a common path, shared according to each person’s personal perspective.
This is the time to become active agents of change, selecting a Goal to give voice to and a format to express it: a practical project in your area, a report on local initiatives, a new and original idea.

The winners of the international contest will take part in two unforgettable weeks at the campus in Italy together with the young people from the global Enel family.

The new Challenge Book will tell you more about the Global Goals, the international commitments, and Enel’s initiatives, as well as providing you with many creative ideas.

Register now, you have until May 18 to enter.
By registering with the online community and visiting the official Facebook page, you will also be able to get updates, discover new items and meet new friends.

Exclusively for Enel colleagues’ children aged between 8 and 17.

Score the Goal mobilizes the young We are Energy community in a challenge to become agents of change and leave their mark in the pursuit of the Global Goals for sustainable development.
You can choose from 3 formats in which you can shape your ideas according to your personal inclinations and skills.

For those who want to select one of the 17 Global Goals and promote it at home, at school, in town, in your area and throughout the whole world, become an ambassador of sustainability.
Do it and document it.

Creative ideas

Do you like taking initiative? Are you unable to stay idle?
Adopt one of the Global Goals and become its spokesperson by actively promoting it.
Collect signatures for sustainable use of water; plan a flash mob to raise awareness of renewable energy in your neighborhood; create T-shirts against bullying and fundraise to produce them; set up a digital photo exhibition on worldwide energy and publish it online.
Document your work with pictures or videos, explain how to replicate the event in another context and share it.

For those who want to observe their territory and discover how Global Goals are taking shape through actions, people’s stories, community needs.
Tell the story like a true reporter.

Creative ideas

For us to achieve the Global Goals, it is imperative that everyone knows about them and knows what is being done: we need a reporter!
Do Walking Buses contrast climate change? Make a video or take a photo: comment on it with CO2 emissions data. Collect the story of those producing and purchasing groceries with zero food miles in your town and write an article on this. Is your brother’s school supporting a project to donate PCs to students in Burkina Faso? Interview them!
Explore the reality around you and tell us about it.

For those who want to apply their creativity to a Global Goal.
Propose a solution, create an innovation, plan an action, illustrate an idea.

Creative ideas

Do you think big? Are you a visionary? Do you know Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech?
Propose an innovative idea to reduce food waste; plan actions to defend the earth and ocean ecosystems; find a solution to make your city safer and more sustainable.
Illustrate your project in a video-talk, poster or presentation, and write the action plan with all the implementation stages, costs and resources needed.

You've got until May 18, 2017 to send your project to the following address:

Attn: Communications Enel South Africa
102 Rivonia Road, Sandton, 2196, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Or you can send it by e-mail to:

The winners will meet at the international campus from July 9 to 23, 2017 in a fantastic Italian location. Two fabulous weeks to get to know new friends from all over the world and participate in a plethora of didactic activities, workshops, excursions and events.

Everyone who submits an entry for the contest will receive a surprise gadget.

For all youngsters over 18 years of age, stay connected!

You’ll receive new updates on initiatives designed specially for you by the end of the year.