July 18, 2017

Special Guest: Ernesto Ciorra

“Impossible is nothing”.

With these words Ernesto Ciorra, Director of Innovation and Sustainability of the Enel Group greeted participants at the campus We are Energy.

To innovate we need to change. Accepting transformation as part of ourselves. And to do this we need to get engaged. Believe in ourselves. Defeat our fears. Love what we do.

Difficult situations can become opportunities. Only by believing in our dreams and engaging in achieving them we can become visionaries and great innovators as well, and the Global Goals challenge is a great opportunity to change the world we live in.

After his speech, Director Ciorra participated to the afternoon activities of the campus with the various teams.

With the Yellow team, he took part in the game that illustrates the effects of the greenhouse effect on Earth. With the Red team, he participated to the Sustainable Gimkana activity where the children were challenged in a recycling game. Then he joined with the Green team during a coding lesson. He composed a short symphony with the children, playing the fruits connected to an Arduino device.

With the teenagers group: Orange, Blue and White teams attended the presentation of the Global Goals murals created during the Visual Thinking workshop, a series of tables illustrated by the guys. Symbols and characters expressing the different cultures united by a common vision of a more sustainable future.