July 22, 2017

Goodbye to everybody, see you in 2018!

How long are two weeks? For the 110 participants these two weeks at the We are Energy campus will last forever. It was an extraordinary educational and social experience.

Very busy days. On one hand, the art and science labs, the theatre workshop by Lab on Stage that ended in a great collective performance. The Visual Thinking and Tinkering labs. The trips to Assisi. The meetings with important guests such as Ryan O’Keeffe and Ernesto Ciorra. On the other, there were many fun activities such as the Mini Games Night, the Tableaux Vivants, the Mistery Night, the Dance… and also sports, music and diving into the pool.

A lot of moments of sharing. Even more the smiles and the hugs. And the new friendships.

These children have once again shown us how beautiful being together is. And also that speaking different languages is not an obstacle. And how coexistence is simple if there are respect and desire to know the other.

And as they wrote in the song composed by all the 6 teams that participated in this edition of the campus:

We won our stay in a challenge, mmhhh mmhhh mmhhh

We came from all over the world to score our goal, our goal, yeah!

Because We Are Energy!

Goodbye guys! Thanks again to all of you!