July 19, 2017


Let’s make the world a better place together.

This is the wish at the end of the long murals made by the Blue, Orange and White teams during the Visual Thinking Lab.

One of the few phrases you can read on the wall which illustrates through comic strips, special characters and keywords the best solutions presented to the world by the kids, to make the 17 Global Goals promoted by the UN effective.

It is only apparently that it seems a simple graphic solution. Instead, the murals is the result of an intense synthesis work conducted by the experts of the Housatonic Design Network Association that provided the students with the main Scribing methodologies. The art of explaining complex concepts through drawings, illustrations and words. In a constant flow of thoughts and graphics.

The murals is colorful. Easy and fast to read.

Visualization has allowed the key concepts of the major Global Goals to be shared with all participants from 16 different countries. It has simplified and made a vision of the innovative world understandable. The fruits of cooperation, sustainability, participation and friendship.

We are Energy. And we can change the world. Together.