July 19, 2017


In this edition of the campus, the Art workshop was the space dedicated to the creativity.

A place where the children can let their imagination run wild under the guidance of the animators who taught them techniques to express each one skills.
A part from the manufacturing, great attention was put on saving the resources. The guys recycled all the materials.
The teens were busy in creating their own t-shirt. Everyone learned to draw a logo by customizing a t-shirt with cuts and inserts. The result is that no one t-shirt is similar to the other. But there are 110 different t-shirts. Original. Unique. Like people who made them.
In the following days, the participants had fun with the Shaving Foam Painting, a technique that allows to marbleize paper or any other material by shaving foam.
Then with milk they made a modelable paste.
Finally, with the construction ribbon and some satin ribbons, they created an installation: an enormous planisphere with the colors from all over the world.